AMPC Industrial Visit and Demonstration

5. juni 2022

In May a delegation of the Australian Meat Processors Corporation (AMPC), and selected end users, visited the RoBUTCHER facility at NMBU, Ås. The group was organised by Koorosh Khodabandehloo, who is well known for his establishment of the International Food Automation Network (IFAN), and has played an important role in meat automation globally. The group was visiting various sites across Europe to coincide with the IFFA trade fair held in Frankfurt, the largest of its kind in the world. Almost 40 delegates from Australia and New Zealand spent a full day at REALTEK and the RoBUTCHER lab.

The attendees had an opportunity to see a live slaughter demonstration and were acquainted with the novel approach of the process. Unlike the traditional practice in the industry, the animal carcass is not processed from the inside out, but instead, they witnessed the RoBUTCHER approach detaching first the big muscle masses (limbs) followed by the whole front of the carcass and internal organs leaving the saddle or whole back section from the head to the tail until the end. The meat experts interacted with the researchers and commented on the novelty of the approach and the viability of the concept.

The demonstration of the slaughter process