Important Outcomes from the RoBUTCHER project

20. september 2023

The RoBUTCHER project officially concluded on 30.06.2023, and the Consortium has been working furiously to report results and document the outcomes of the project. In that spirit, we share with you a few of the key outcomes of the project, from the past few years. Namely:

In all, RoBUTCHER identified 17 key innovations, including the two demonstrated prototype cutting systems, that have resulted from the project. Further, the Consortium has been busy publishing the results, with around 30 scientific articles published to date, and many more at various stages of preparation. The Consortium has identified new initiatives to continue the outstanding work of RoBUTCHER and expect to develop one or two new project proposals within Horizon Europe during the next 12 months.

You can continue to follow the progress of the Consortium, and the impact of RoBUTCHER project, via its website,