KLF visit to the lab

2. november 2022

The National Federation of the Meat and Poultry Industry (Kjøtt- og fjørfebransjens Landsforbund in Norwegian, or KLF) was founded in 1910. It represents the privately owned, independent part of the meat, egg, and poultry industry in Norway. The organisation has around 140 member companies spread across around 150 facilities in 100 municipalities and have circa 4,100 full-time employees with a total turnover of over NOK 21 billion. The size of the companies varies from small companies with 1-2 employees to large slaughterhouses and meat processing companies with several hundred employees. The member companies consist of egg packers, egg product factories, slaughterhouses, the meat industry, import companies, small-scale companies and meat shops. KLF’s member companies have around 60 per cent market share in the end market for red meat. KLF’s members account for around 34 per cent of the total amount slaughtered in Norway. The egg packers have a share of 27 per cent received from the producer. 

KLF were invited to attend NMBU and brought along several key members owning abattoirs all over Norway. The aim of the meeting was to find a mutual understanding of each other’s activities, and to find areas for follow-up, based on interests discovered during the event. The agenda for the meeting therefore was to briefly present the activities of both KLF and NMBU, as well as to demonstrate the current work with the MFC. To that end, the attendees were invited to see the ongoing cell development during some of the first successful fully automatic shoulder cuts. In addition, during the event, a small session to discuss experience of the end users with automation was led by Ole Alvseike. This has been an especially relevant topic, given the MFC’s ambition to suit small and medium size processors, who today have little economical access to automation. 

Demonstration of the MFC