M43 The Ultimate RoBUTCHER Meeting at FACCSA

10. august 2023

“The Ultimate RoBUTCHER Meeting: Conclusions, Impact, Exploitation and Final Reporting” was held on 4-5 July 2023 at FACCSA (Frigorificos Andaluces de Conservas de Carne SA) in beautiful Málaga.

Written by M. K. Nordström, NMBU

For the meeting we had curated an agenda that focused on final reporting: We had a brilliant combination of facilitators who kept the discussion both flourishing and focused during the final report Post-it Note workshops ensuring a rich input for the final technical report that is due in August. Also, as usual work package updates were shared by the amazing Work Package Leaders, and there was discussion and ideation of future initiatives and the future project as well. Members from the end user reference group provided positive feedback on the RoBUTCHER project. The meeting in Malaga also acted as a kick off meeting for the planning of the final project review.

It was an absolute pleasure to experience all the well-prepared and nicely presented work package updates, engaging workshops, and great discussions. Thank you to our generous and fantastic hosts Francisco Requena and Sergio Vega Lozano! The beautifulness (and the warmth) of Málaga will stay in our hearts and memories. And poems and songs will be written about the unforgettable lunches and dinners of the Ultimate RoBUTCHER Meeting at FACCSA!