Paco Frequena from Faccsa-Prolongo presents RoBUTCHER at ALIBETOPIAS Conference

3. desember 2020

ALIBETOPÍAS highlights the relevance of innovation as the best way for both improving and dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic situation from the point of view of the Spanish agri-food sector. In 2020 they celebrated the sixth edition of this event, focused on the startup’s environment, different examples of what the companies of the sector have become in the last year regarding digitalization, circular economy of food&health and sharing new global innovation models.

The focus of the presentation carried out by Francisco Frequena from Faccsa-Prolongo at Alibetopías was based on how the meat industry is progressing in the use of those tools that Industry 4.0 provides as a growth lever to increase the competitiveness of companies. For this reason, the ROBUTCHER project was presented as a success story.

Picture from this years conferece

The presentation of the ROBUTCHER project was considered as one of the most popular presentations of the event, thanks to the speech of Francisco Frequena and due to the high quality and interest in the project.

This event was not a regular one, due to the interaction of general attendees with the speakers and with all those organizations (companies, research centres, universities etc) that are invited to share their projects’ developments in ALIBETOPIAS. This interaction has been solved both throughout the event´s website and personally through all those speakers and stakeholders who attended the event.

The number of people who attended the event was the maximum allowed by the Spanish authorities which are currently 100. Regarding the online event, there were 500 people enrolled and more than 300 who followed this event through the YouTube Platform.