RoBUTCHER and Byte Motion

29. juni 2020

June 2020: Press release from Byte Motion

RoButcher is EU-funded research project to develop a cognitive Meat Factory Cell (MFC). Within project 10 partner organisations will focus on research and development of high autonomy properties using core robotic technologies based on AI and cognition.

Byte Motion is a technology driven company enabling Industry 4.0 revolution especially toward Digital Twin real life applications. Our unique competences around teleoperation, AI, camera and sensor integration toward robotics gives us flexibility and practical know how in approaching any problem that modern robotics has opportunity to solve. We perform and enable practical research, and our experience in integration of complicated solutions into 24/7 robust working software platforms makes us perfect partner for productification of any idea within robotic, AI and sensors.

Within RoBUTCHER, Byte Motion will with excitement use and further develop our competences to enable integration of Software and Hardware building blocks into the Meat Factory Cell (MFC) working solution. We are looking forward to the opportunity to contribute to and further research sensor/camera integration with robotics. Our responsibility within Robutcher will include enabling teleoperation and VR/AR for human use, sensor/camera data gathering for AI, data preparation and communication toward robots. In addition, we will try to enable proper integration of all mentioned into working solutions using and further developing our Ocellus ( platform. We expect to enable smooth Digital Twin introduction for MFC and push RoBUTCHER toward the Industry 4.0.

For any question about Byte Motion and the project, contact: Haris Hadzic, RoButcher Project, +46 76 127 1378 &