RoBUTCHER held a session at European Robotics Forum

31. august 2022

This year the European Robotics Forum (ERF) was held in Rotterdam as a 3-day in-person event with more than 880 participants. It is one of the most influential events for the robotics and artificial intelligence community in Europe. It is a meeting point for engineers, academics, entrepreneurs, investors, as well as end-users and policy makers in the field of robotics from all over Europe and beyond.

Themed over ‘Sustainability’ in the broadest sense of the word, it held panels on the following topics:

Workshop on Challenges in Robotics for Food Processing

This year workshop focus was how researchers are dealing with the challenges in robotising and automatising the food industry, from natural variability to soft, deformable, and sensible material, and from harsh environment to heavy objects handling.

The workshop was divided into 3 sections: an introduction, article/work presentation and a Q&A session with a round table discussion on the following questions:

The presentation section was composed of 5 articles:

  1. RoBUTCHER – A Robust, Flexible and Scalable Cognitive Robotics Platform – Alex Mason, NMBU/Animalia
  2. Challenges on Robotised and Intelligent Cutting System for the Meat Factory Cell – Ian Esper, NMBU
  3. Vibration Measurement as Feedback from Vibrating Knife – Dmytro Romanov, NMBU
  4. Smart gripping approaches for automated soft tissue gripping – Kristóf Takács, Óbuda University
  5. Precision livestock farming – why is digital data so important – Márta Alexy, Óbuda University

The ERF has been a great opportunity to show and promote the RoBUTCHER project to the robotics community of Europe – both researchers and representatives of the robot-industry.

From left: Dmytro Romanov (NMBU), Kristóf Takács (Óbuda University) and Ian Esper (NMBU)